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Hair & Esthetic Salon

Welcome to Meitian Hair and Esthetic Salon in Hotel Nikko Dalian. Here you can enjoy five stars hotel' service and all imported products from Japan including high-quality cosmetics, instruments for hair and esthetic, lotion for perm and hair dyeing. Especially for the HITOMI series of cosmetics are popular both in Japan and China. Pure natural plants essence components and professional services will let you feel trust, safe and pleasure of beauty:

  • Gentility environments and top class service.
  • Top hair stylist and professional beautician.
  • Japanese style facial and body massage.
  • New whitening skin care, replenishment skin care, eliminate wrinkles, lymphatic detoxified, ovarian maintenance, weight lose and cell activation in Japanese style
  • Health massage and professional traditional Chinese massage will refresh your whole body.
  • Sub-health state conditioning.
  • The water bed has the function of body beauty, losing weight and relieving stress.

Business Hours: 09:00 - 21:00